Quickly thaw frozen pipes with outdoor heated construction blankets by Powerblanket


Utility Companies & Construction Crews Use Powerblanket to Thaw Frozen Ground & above ground Water Pipes in Cold Winter Weather. Even after spring has arrived, ground will thaw very slowly and can take months to completely thaw out.  To avoid the cost of expensive propane heaters and glycol based heated hoses… companies are turning to HEAT AUTHORITY for affordable electric outdoor heating equipment.  Heat Authority stocks dozens of solutions for heating pipes and thawing frozen ground.


Heat Authority carries a complete line of electric concrete curing blankets for cold weather concreting.  Also used for heating Road Patch, Curing Concrete, Heating Engines & Equipment, and Warming Barrels, Drums, & Cylinders…  Heat Authority will deliver the heat you need to get the job done FAST!  Frozen ground causing work stoppage?  Are your crews being delayed due to freezing temperatures?  Call the construction heat experts at Heat Authority today – (866) 805-HEAT!


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