CureMAX™ heated blankets provide heat when and where contractors need it. Buy Curing Blankets online at – The winter elements don’t need to stop your next concrete pour or masonry project. Put the heat right where you need it. CureMAX™ thermal blankets have been proven across the northern United States, Canada and Alaska. Accept no substitutes, when you need to keep your project on track and on budget, CureMAX™ heated blankets from Heat Authority are the obvious choice.  The #1 leader in North America concrete curing and ground thawing technology! CureMAX™ Thermal Technology ~
CureMAX Concrete Curing Blanket

Model Number Blanket Dimensions
Area Voltage Shipping Weight Amps Distributor
CC0415 4.5′x15′ 67 sq ft 110V 38# 8.0 Heat Authority
CC0430 4.5′x30′ 135 sq ft 110V 56# 19.0 Heat Authority
CC0430-2 4.5′x30′ 135 sq ft 220V 56# 12.0 Heat Authority
CC0625 6′x25′ 150 sq ft 110V 70# 17.0 Heat Authority
CC0915 9′x15′ 135 sq ft 110V 56# 19.0 Heat Authority
CC0915-2 9′x15′ 135 sq ft 220V 56# 12.0 Heat Authority
CC0927 9′x27′ 243 sq ft 220V 98# 20.0 Heat Authority
CC0909 9′x9′ 81 sq ft 110V 38# 10.0 Heat Authority


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