Most concrete curing blankets do a good job of curing concrete, protecting slabs, and curing newly-laid brick or block walls… some however, fall flat on their face.  We review the top 10 curing blankets in our review sections. Curing blankets allow work to proceed on schedule and for concrete and mortar to cure rapidly and efficiently, maximizing finished strength and durability even in extremely cold conditions. Contractors and builders use concrete curing blankets to keep their jobs on schedule and under-cost; highway construction companies use curing blankets to meet state codes and keep their projects moving.

Because of their simple and economical design, concrete curing blankets are also used in a variety of other applications by small companies and individuals. They are useful in virtually any situation where cold weather causes schedule delays or damage.

Concrete curing blankets are easy to use and maintain and don’t create environmental hazards: no noxious fumes, no open flames, and no toxic emissions.

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Heated Concrete Curing Blankets
CureMAX 9′ x 27′ Electric Curing 220V Blanket
$1,750.00 new – Online Wholesale
10′ x 10′ Outdoor 120V Thawing & Curing Blanket
$1,152.00 new – Discount Warehouse

A well constructed concrete curing blanket will eliminate the cold weather variable in a variety of horticultural, agricultural, landscaping, or construction settings: and with an electric curing multi-duty blanket you can quickly and easily thaw frozen ground, protect germinating seeds and bulbs, and minimize the effects of late-season snow or ice. Electric curing blankets can quickly unthaw frozen ground, making it easy to work. Curing blankets can also keep the ground from freezing, protecting from the effects of freezing weather, snow, or ice. Concrete curing blankets can also be used to protect newly-poured concrete, brick, or stone walkways and paths, ensuring optimal curing temperatures and a long-lasting, durable product.

Always be sure to thaw frozen ground before pouring concrete. Never pour concrete on frozen ground unless you’re looking for a nightmare of a headache.  Plan your work and work your plan.  You can effectively keep your crews working all winter long with a good curing blanket.  Electirc thaw/cure blankets will help kill 2 birds with one stone and allow you to eliminate frost before proceeding with flatwork projects.

Our Editor’s Choice Award goes to Powerblanket for their innovative new low energy consuming curing blankets.  Powerblanket is used in a variety of applications for Industrial, Construction, Chemical, Manufacturing, Food/Beverage, Oil & Gas, and Automotive heating.

Model Number
(Price $$)
Blanket Dimensions
Area Voltage Wattage
(± 5%)
(± 5%)
#1 Distributor
MD1020  ($1782) 10′x20′ 200 sq ft 120V 2400 20.0 Heat Authority
MD1010 ($1152) 10′x10′ 100 sq ft 120V 1440 12.0 Heat Authority
MD0520 ($1200) 5′x20′ 100 sq ft 120V 1440 12.0 Heat Authority
MD0510 ($930) 5′x10′ 50 sq ft 120V 720 6.0 Heat Authority
MD0506 5′x6′ 30 sq ft 120V 480 4.0 Heat Authority
MD0320 ($983) 3′x20′ 60 sq ft 120V 960 8.0 Heat Authority
MD0310 ($712) 3′x10′ 30 sq ft 120V 480 4.0 Heat Authority
MD0304 ($342) 3′x4′ 12 sq ft 120V 240 2.0 Heat Authority

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Effective curing for bridges, decks, concrete countertops and most flatwork applications.  Achieve higher PSI levels and cure concrete 4X faster than standard curing blankets. Keep crews working all season long and avoid cold weather delays. Choose from a wide selection of #1 Powerblanket…. or honorable mention CureMAX or RapidTHAW electric heated concrete curing blankets.

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CureMAX™ Multi-Purpose THAW & CURE electric blankets provide heat when and where contractors need it. The winter elements don’t need to stop your next concrete pour or masonry project. Put the heat where you need it. CureMAX™ heated concrete blankets have been proven across the Continental United States, Canada and Alaska. Accept no substitutes!  When you need to keep your project on track and on budget, CureMAX™ electric concrete curing and ground thawing blankets from Heat Authority are the obvious choice. Heat Authority is your #1 source in North America for heated curing & ground thawing technology! Available in 120V & 240V options.  Buy CureMAX™ Thermal Blankets here and receive FREE Shipping & NO Sales Tax when you order online! Keep your crews working and concrete projects on schedule.  CureMAX heated construction blankets are manufactured in the USA with construction grade materials for a tough exterior and “long-life” dependability!  Buy heated electric concrete curing blankets here –

  • CureMAX is engineered for use in both warm and cold climates.
  • CureMAX protects concrete from rapid drying, freezing, and cracking during the hydration process.
  • CureMAX is a lightweight portable design making them a favorite for both large and small scale projects.
  • CureMAX delivers a barrier of warmth that traps heat & moisture, producing a higher grade product in record time.
  • CureMAX increases PSI levels & decreases defects during wet-cure process, maintaining an optimal cure environment.
  • CureMAX is also used for ground thawing, heating construction materials, tank & silo heating… and melting snow, ice and frozen underground pipes.
  • Say goodbye to portable heaters, open flames, chemical hardeners, tenting, delays and work stoppage.  Cold weather got you frustracted? CureMAX can help!

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