Who makes the best heated CONCRETE CURING electric blanket?

Cure/Thaw – Powerblanket

Editor’s Choice Award goes to Powerblanket (https://www.powerblanket.com/products/concrete-blankets/).  Effective curing for bridges, decks, concrete countertops and most flatwork applications.  Achieve higher PSI levels and cure concrete 2.8 times faster than standard curing blankets. Keep crews working all season long and avoid cold weather delays.  Choose from a wide selection of Power Blanket models.

Successfully pour concrete in -20° to +30° F temperatures with this revolutionary new product! All models cure concrete and thaw ground fast even in the most adverse weather conditions. Powerblanket is UL/CSA/CE & ETL Safety Certified.  Easy set up and low maintenance make these heaters the obvious choice for contractors and utility companies across the US & Canada. Powerblanket® products are built to last, manufactured with a durable vinyl shell. Greenheat™ technology by Powerblanket allows for even heat distribution including the corners and edges of the concrete. ALL models will save you money by not subjecting projects to costly cold weather delays.  Shop for Powerblanket electric concrete curing blankets here.  FREE Shipping!  Call Heat Authority @ 866-805-4328 for best pricing and fast free delivery on ALL Powerblanket models. SHOP POWERBLANKET

Model Number Blanket Dimensions
Area Voltage Wattage Amps Distributor
MD1020 10′x20′ 200 sq ft 120V 2400 20.0 Heat Authority
MD1010 10′x10′ 100 sq ft 120V 1440 12.0 Heat Authority
MD0520 5′x20′ 100 sq ft 120V 1440 12.0 Heat Authority
MD0510 5′x10′ 50 sq ft 120V 720 6.0 Heat Authority
MD0506 5′x6′ 30 sq ft 120V 480 4.0 Heat Authority
MD0320 3′x20′ 60 sq ft 120V 960 8.0 Heat Authority
MD0310 3′x10′ 30 sq ft 120V 480 4.0 Heat Authority
MD0304 3′x4′ 12 sq ft 120V 240 2.0 Heat Authority

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Honorable Mention goes to CureMAX: Now concrete contractors working in cold weather conditions no longer have to “close up shop” or “wait it out.”  Keep crews working and improve your bottom line with electric heated concrete curing blankets.  CureMAX to the rescue!

CureMAX Concrete Curing Blankets

Model Number Blanket Dimensions
Area Voltage Shipping Weight Amps Distributor
CC0415 4.5′x15′ 67 sq ft 110V 38# 8.0 Heat Authority
CC0430 4.5′x30′ 135 sq ft 110V 56# 19.0 Heat Authority
CC0430-2 4.5′x30′ 135 sq ft 220V 56# 12.0 Heat Authority
CC0625 6′x25′ 150 sq ft 110V 70# 17.0 Heat Authority
CC0915 9′x15′ 135 sq ft 110V 56# 19.0 Heat Authority
CC0915-2 9′x15′ 135 sq ft 220V 56# 12.0 Heat Authority
CC0927 9′x27′ 243 sq ft 220V 98# 20.0 Heat Authority
CC0909 9′x9′ 81 sq ft 110V 38# 10.0 Heat Authority


CureMAX & Powerblanket

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