perviousPervious concrete pavement is a unique cement-based product; its porous structure permits free passage of water through the pavement and into the soil without compromising the pavement’s durability or integrity.

It is usually a mixture of 3/8 to 1/2 in. average diameter aggregate (although sometimes larger aggregate, especially granite may be used), hydraulic cement, other cementitious materials, admixtures and water. When properly placed, pervious slabs will contain voids that would be normally filled by sand. Like a honeycomb these voids are held together with cement paste. Typically, the void content is 15 to 30 percent, equating to a flow rate of 3 to 5 gallons per minute per square foot, or 270 to 450 inches per hour. These irregular voids also add strength to the slab that, when cured, resembles popcorn slabs.

Although it’s not a new product, pervious concrete is enjoying a new popularity in large part for environmental reasons, viz., that rainwater passes into the ground below rather than running off into storm and sanitary sewer systems, or into streams. It has been recognized by the EPA as a storm water pollution prevention best management practice device. Another benefit in comparison to asphalt is that pervious concrete decreases the urban island heating effect, which helps keep the ambient air temperature cool.

When used as an infiltration alternative to the more traditional options (i.e., grassy swales and drain invert filtration systems), pervious concrete pavement can also reduce or eliminate the need for expensive sewer tie-ins and provide the inherent durability, safety and low life-cycle cost expected of concrete pavement.

Model Number Blanket Dimensions
Area Voltage Shipping Weight Amps Distributor
CC0415 4.5′x15′ 67 sq ft 110V 38# 8.0 Heat Authority
CC0430 4.5′x30′ 135 sq ft 110V 56# 19.0 Heat Authority
CC0430-2 4.5′x30′ 135 sq ft 220V 56# 12.0 Heat Authority
CC0625 6′x25′ 150 sq ft 110V 70# 17.0 Heat Authority
CC0915 9′x15′ 135 sq ft 110V 56# 19.0 Heat Authority
CC0915-2 9′x15′ 135 sq ft 220V 56# 12.0 Heat Authority
CC0927 9′x27′ 243 sq ft 220V 98# 20.0 Heat Authority
CC0909 9′x9′ 81 sq ft 110V 38# 10.0 Heat Authority

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Model Number Blanket Dimensions
Area Voltage Wattage
(± 5%)
(± 5%)
MD1020 10′x20′ 200 sq ft 120V 2400 20.0 Heat Authority
MD1010 10′x10′ 100 sq ft 120V 1440 12.0 Heat Authority
MD0520 5′x20′ 100 sq ft 120V 1440 12.0 Heat Authority
MD0510 5′x10′ 50 sq ft 120V 720 6.0 Heat Authority
MD0506 5′x6′ 30 sq ft 120V 480 4.0 Heat Authority
MD0320 3′x20′ 60 sq ft 120V 960 8.0 Heat Authority
MD0310 3′x10′ 30 sq ft 120V 480 4.0 Heat Authority
MD0304 3′x4′ 12 sq ft 120V 240 2.0 Heat Authority